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    The greatest booties of all time


    There are things in a woman’s closet that should be a staple. Your favorite pair of jeans. That sweater you love. Or the dress that fits you just right. Another item that should be included on everyone’s fashion must-haves is a great pair of booties. They go with everything, can be dressed up or down and are so comfy you practically live in them.

    For me, these are the Sam Edelman Petty booties. I legit LOVE these guys. True story, I own them in 5 different colors/materials. What can I say, when something works, it works and these booties hit all the right points for me. For leather/suede boots, they’re not crazy expensive at around $100-$150 depending where/when you buy them. They are durable, I have owned my pairs for several years now and yes there is some normal wear and tear but they’re still holding strong. And most of all, the holy grail. They are comfortable AND they look good! With a low heel these puppies can be worn all day long, and for this busy mama who has zero time for heels right now, they are amazing.

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