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    Tips for selling your wedding dress

    Should you sell your wedding dress?

    There’s nothing more pressure-filled during wedding planning for the bride than choosing her dress. I mean there’s a reason a whole slew of reality shows have come out capitalizing on that moment when a bride-to-be selects the dress that she’ll wear on her wedding day. Though it’s been nearly 5 years since my own wedding (sidenote holy crap time flies!) I still remember that pressure very clearly. I had originally set a pretty good budget (or so I thought) but learned that budgets can very quickly go out the window when shopping for a wedding dress. When deciding which dress to ultimately buy (and trying desperately to justify the price in my mind) I figured if I sold my dress after the wedding, it would help offset some of the upfront costs I had to make.

    Apparently, this is a popular choice for many modern brides these days. When researching this option I found there are a wide array of websites and marketplaces dedicated to re-selling wedding dresses and other wedding-related items. And nowadays, there are more online places than ever to sell! Unfortunately for me, I was unsuccessful in selling my dress (so far), though I admit looking back I probably didn’t make as much of an effort as I should have. Don’t make my mistake! Here are my tips for selling your wedding dress and making the most bang for your buck:

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