GB Qbit LTE Stroller Review

GB Qbit LTE Stroller review

I recently purchased the GB Qbit LTE Stroller and thought I’d share my thoughts so far after taking it for a spin on our recent international travels. If you’re anything like I was (crazily Googling any reviews I could find!) then maybe this will help you make the decision on whether or not this stroller is right for you.

So first of all, let me start by saying that I think for the price point and what you get out of this stroller, it’s definitely a good value. The GB Qbit LTE is from the same makers of the Pockit stroller (that famously can be folded down to fit in a purse!) Though the Qbit doesn’t fold down quite that small, it still has a very easy, compact fold. I love our normal day-to-day stroller (we have the Babyjogger CitySelect) but it is huge, so taking it to Europe was not in the cards. I contemplated getting a traditional umbrella stroller but after much researching ultimately ended up with the Qbit, here are my thoughts:

It’s a very compact and easy-to-handle stroller, I love that it can be used with a child for up to 50 pounds so there is longevity with the purchase. It handles smoothly, is extremely easy to fold AND fits into the overhead compartment of (most) planes. So far so good! The GB Qbit LTE stroller retails for about $199 which was initially more than I’d hoped to spend but a few features it had motivated me to make the purchase. It’s still much less expensive than some of the pricey umbrella strollers so I was ultimately happy with the price point in comparison.

GB Qbit LTE stroller reviewFavorite Features:

Easy one hand fold

Coming from the much larger CitySelect, this super simple one step fold was a dream! One downside is no automatic lock, so you do have to click it in manually but still easy to do with one hand, while holding a baby! Yass!

Compact size

This baby clocks in at 14 pounds and 21″ H 13″W (compared to my CitySelects 30 pounds this thing felt feather light!) It also fits in the overhead compartment of most airplanes (we took it on our flight from New York to London with no problems) so you can bring this on as your carryon without having to gate check it! Another huge plus in my book.

Handle bar height

I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 5’11” so a stroller with a taller handle bar height was a must. The Qbit’s handlebar measures in at 41 inches tall which for me is just about perfect. It’s not adjustable however so if you’re needing something shorter of even taller than that then unfortunately you’re out of luck.

Decent basket size

Considering that this is a very compact stroller, I was quite pleased with the basket size. Can easily hold a small diaper bag or just random odds and odds while you’re out and about.

Cup holder

OK so I technically didn’t get to test this out as I somehow lost the cup holder the very first time I used it (though I did write the company about this and hoping to hear back about possible replacement), but it comes with the stroller (whereas other strollers you have to purchase this separately) so I thought that was a nice plus.


Limited recline

So this is one feature that I wasn’t sure I wanted/needed. Since our use for the stroller is true strolling (my daughter doesn’t sleep in strollers) I felt that the small recline it came with was sufficient for some lounging. However, if you are blessed with a baby that sleeps on the go and you want to be able to fully recline, maybe this isn’t the right stroller for you.

Seat comfort

I came very close to purchasing the Babyjogger CityTour but ultimately went with the Qbit due to the seat depth. The CityTour’s seat depth measured in at 8 inches while the Qbit’s is 10 inches. However, the material that is used on the Qbit is more shiny and a bit more slippery so I feel that my daughter sometimes seems to slide forward with only the buckle holding her in. Needless to say it doesn’t looks super comfortable but maybe a seat cover that could give her more traction would solve the problem? The seat cover material is also not removable so a bit of a bummer cleaning wise.

Final thoughts

All in all, I’m happy with the purchase of the Qbit LTE stroller. I realized when shopping around for an additional lightweight stroller that there are always going to be compromises. Unfortunately, at least for me, the perfect stroller doesn’t yet exist. But this stroller has enough quality features that allow me to confidently recommend it if you’re in the market for a nice, easy and most importantly lightweight stroller option.

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