Intentions for the new year

Intentions for the new year

Are you into New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve gone back and forth personally. Sometimes, I think they’re a great way to get motivated with a set start date and goal in mind. And other times I think that they simply set us up for failure when we inevitably fail to meet our goals. So instead of calling them resolutions, I figured I’d set intentions for the new year. Intentions has a much more positive ring to it in my opinion, with less of the harshness that “resolutions” can bring. So here goes:

Write more.

I love writing, I really do. And I have a million ideas for types of posts/content I’d like to write but often get distracted or simply don’t find the time in the day to get it done. I’d love to spend more time in 2018 actually writing down all thoughts swirling in my head (and making them sound like cohesive pieces of writing.)  I’m trying to amp up my freelance writing career and putting myself out there more for opportunities, so the more I write, the more practice I’ll get. Hoping to work my way toward achieving that in the coming year!

Take more trips with my family.

I’m thinking more small, local trips but I’d love to experience places with my husband and daughter just for us. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling to see family/friends but we haven’t done that much travel that was focused just on us and where we wanted to go.

Spend less on stuff and focus on experiences instead.

I just read this fantastic piece about giving up shopping for a year and it really resonated with me. I’ve already become a much more conscious consumer since having my daughter but reading this made me realize that really so much of what we buy is just so damn unnecessary. In 2018, I’d love to whittle down my shopping even further to just the things I need (with occasional wants thrown in). Not only will it help me save money, it’ll help me keep perspective on the things that truly matter (hint, not material possessions.)

Talk to and spend time with friends and family.

I have family and friends across the country and globe and it’s always hard to find the time to connect and keep in touch with them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized it doesn’t take much though. I always want to block off time to have that hours-long conversation with a good friend, but since becoming a parent that time is very hard to come by for me. So instead, I’ve started to focus on shorter bits, say calling a friend or family member during my commute to the office. Even if we only end up chatting for 30 minutes or so, at least they’ll know that I’m thinking of them. Snail mail is a favorite of mine as well, I’d love to send more cards this upcoming year. Whether it be for a special ocassion or just because, there’s something so special about receiving a physical letter.

Stop comparing my beginning to someone else’s middle and ending.

This is such a lame, 21st century millennial problem but whenever I scan social media I always feel a twinge of jealousy. Sometimes at all the beautifully curated images I see, but more often on the kinds of followings people have built. Being in the creative field and being a writer/blogger, social media is a huge component of the kind of career I’d love to have. Watching friends gain huge followings in short periods of time sometimes has me feeling like I’ll never reach that point myself. I know it’s silly, it’s only numbers on a screen after all. But for people like myself who would love to make a living in this creative field, it’s hard not to compare and wish to just be at that level already. I know it takes an incredible amount of work and effort and clearly I need to really put my head down, work hard and hopefully one day reach that kind of level, but comparing is something that’s always in the back of my mind. In 2018, I’d love to just “do me” and focus on building up my own unique voice and invite others to come along for the ride. I may never have thousands of followers, but I want to create content I’m proud of.

Last but certainly not least, spend 2018 with my daughter, watch her grow, learn and play. Take her to activities or not. Stop stressing about being the perfect parent and simply just be, and enjoy her during these glorious years because they’ll be over in a flash.

How about you? Any intentions for the New Year?

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