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    Welcome to The Motherland


    The Motherland: Celebrating culture and creativity

    I was hesitant to start blogging. Though I’m a writer at heart and by trade, I figured an extra voice in the already-saturated market was unnecessary. For years I held out but eventually, I figured I’d throw my hat into the ring and see what happens. Since the incarnation of my first blog in 2011, My Big Fat Polish WeddingΒ I’ve tried to create content that felt authentic and true to me. Chronicling my wedding had a natural endpoint so I moved on to a more lifestyle type blog withΒ I’d Absolutely Love To in 2013. Though I enjoyed writing about fashion and travel, as I grew in my personal and professional life I knew I wanted to expand my repertoire.

    After months and months of soul searching and at the same time some good (and bad) life occurrences I realized that an outlet that would truly encapsulate me would have to incorporate the many facets of my character. I was determined to find a way to use my passion for writing in a meaningful and impactful way. Finally, it was out with the old (site name) and in with the new. After a long hiatus from blogging I’m back.

    Alas, The Motherland was born. Continue Reading