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    Alternative products for periods that work!

    Period alternatives to tampons and pads

    Ah periods, who doesn’t love em?! Ha kidding of course. I think most women will agree that the monthly reminder of our womanhood isn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies. Having to deal with pads/tampons for a majority of our lives is anything but fun. Luckily, technology is changing and there are more and more alternatives coming to market to help women manage Aunt Flo.

    It’s been a while since I’ve had my period (thanks to pregnancy and nursing) but I got the scoop on two great alternatives to pads and tampons from two of the finest ladies I know. Continue Reading

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    My favorite natural beauty buys

    Over the last several years as I’ve gotten more knowledgeable about the kind of foods I’m putting in my body, I’ve also started researching the products I put on my body. Makeup for most…

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    My shaving secret

    Ahh shaving, doesn’t every woman just love the daily/weekly ritual of nicking away her unwated hair? Wait, you mean you don’t enjoy constantly getting cuts and having to (what seems like endlessly) find yourself…

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    Beauty Product Favorites

    Last year, I shared my daily beauty routine. Well, more than a year later my beauty and skincare favoritesΒ seem to have taken a complete 180. In my ongoing quest to incorporate more natural products…

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    do this: try new skincare products

    I’ve professed my love for Josie Maran’s daily moisturizer and it turns out there’s more where that came from. After using the argan daily moisturizer for a couple of months, I decided to branch…