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    Summer Salad


    Hello there! Long time no see. I’ve taken quite a long break from blogging, mostly due to my grad school schedule but since graduation in June it’s just been well, I guess I can chalk it up to it being summer.

    Speaking of summer time, I recently made this salad which yes isn’t exactly revolutionary but so damn good I felt compelled to share. And since cooking is still not exactly something I love to do, a quick, easy meal is a win in my book. All you’ll need is some arugula, cubed watermelon and feta cheese, white balsamic vinegar and voila! A delicious summer salad is born. Enjoy!

    I drizzled some white balsamic vinegar as my dressing but you can make a fancier version of this salad, courtesy of Ina Garten, with this recipe.

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