• Surprisingly stylish shoe brand
    Fashion + Style

    Surprisingly stylish shoe brand

    There are countless choices out there for stylish shoes and we all probably have our go-to when searching for the latest trends. But I recently discovered a brand that I thought could never, ever…

  • Should you sell your wedding dress?
    Fashion + Style

    Tips for selling your wedding dress

    There’s nothing more pressure-filled during wedding planning for the bride than choosing her dress. I mean there’s a reason a whole slew of reality shows have come out capitalizing on that moment when a…

  • Breastfeeding tips for the new mom

    Breastfeeding tips for the new mom

    Breastfeeding can be a hot topic in the online community, so let me start by saying this. I absolutely believe that every family should feed their babies in a way that works best for…

  • natural-beauty-buys

    My favorite natural beauty buys

    Over the last several years as I’ve gotten more knowledgeable about the kind of foods I’m putting in my body, I’ve also started researching the products I put on my body. Makeup for most…